The Shrine of Christ’s Passion

The small town of St. John, nestled in the far northwest corner of Indiana, might seem like a surprising tourist destination, but it has quickly become well known by people of all faiths from all over the world. It has attracted visitors from all 50 states and more than 40 different countries.

At The Shrine of Christ’s Passion:

  • you can sit at the Last Supper table;
  • pray with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane;
  • walk alongside him on the path to Mt. Calvary;
  • and rejoice with the apostles, as you enter & experience the empty tomb.

The Shrine is an interactive, multimedia, “Prayer Trail” that depicts the last days of Jesus Christ’s life on earth. 40 life size bronze sculptures, each an exquisite work of art, line the winding half mile path. The journey is complete with hauntingly, beautiful original music, that helps to reflect the story of Jesus’ Passion, death and Resurrection. As you walk along, the music transitions 17 times, depending on the mood of each scene.

Guests’ experience, as never before, Christ’s final days on earth, beginning with the Last Supper, where you can sit with Jesus at the Last Supper table just as his apostles did. At each location, with the simple press of a button, a guest can hear a description of the scene and a short reflection. The setting is meditative and people following the Prayer Trail often find themselves in deep contemplation, some with tears in their eyes.

Landscaping throughout the breathtaking journey includes more than 1,000 trees, bushes, shrubs, flowers and grasses. Everything was chosen to make the visitor feel that they are right there in the Holy Land.

Bill Kurtis, former news anchor of Channel 2, narrates each scene. In 2016, the Shrine welcomed Moses at Mt. Sinai. Imagine seeing Moses, coming down Mt. Sinai, carrying God’s Law – the Ten Commandments in his arms. As you wander along the path, you can hear the wind whipping around the mountain; it feels as if you are in a true mountain range in the middle of the desert! This project alone took three years to build; thousands of loads of clay and more than 140 truckloads of boulders from a Wisconsin quarry were used to create an impressive mountain.

There is no charge to experience The Shrine of Christ’s Passion. It is absolutely FREE, but it’s a Priceless Experience. Donations and the proceeds from The Gift Shoppe sustain and support the upkeep and maintenance of The Shrine. The Gift Shoppe is over 12,000 square feet and stocks thousands of beautiful items. In fact, The Gift Shoppe has become a shopping destination for people throughout the Midwest! It’s truly a must see!


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