Roots Eatery & Pub in Wolcott, Indiana

Roots was born out of a large family’s love for food, farming, and hosting. Growing up, siblings Amber Farrington and Luke Furrer (Owners) watched their mom and dad make home-cooked meals out of the meat from the farm and the vegetables from the garden. Many of the dishes they serve are some of their favorites.
​The family farm, where they raise the beef and pork that ends up on your plates, is just down the road in Reynolds, IN. Roots is a new venture for them, but they have raised high quality livestock for many years. Their beef is local, well-marbled, and dry aged. The farm is also a leading example of sustainability in modern conventional agriculture. 
Their family has farmed in the Wolcott area for generations, and they strive to honor their local heritage. They’re proud to feature some classic Midwestern dishes and source what they can from Hoosier companies.
Roots Eatery & Pub
114 N Range Street
Wolcott, IN 47995