Pulaski County, It’s the Simple Things.


How can you tell that someone in Pulaski County isn’t a local? They pronounce our name correctly. 

Sufjan Stevens, most of the rest of the world, and every Polish-American person who’s seen one of our tourism commercials knows that the final syllable should be a long ‘e’, not our long ‘i’. Long story short: it’s not our fault; blame the East Coast — Upstate New York, specifically — for our unique take on this Revolutionary War hero’s name.

The long ‘i’ might make us stand out, but it’s not the only thing. 

1. Few Hoosier counties have both a state park and a fish-and-wildlife area; we’re one of them — and we have two FWAs. Jasper-Pulaski FWA attracts tens of thousands of migrating sandhill cranes each year, a bafflingly wonderful sight to behold. Tippecanoe River State Park provides access to its namesake waterway — an incredible jewel that’s home to diverse wildlife and offers opportunities for tubing, canoeing, and kayaking — and hosts one of Indiana’s 13 fire towers. 

Kersting’s Cycle Center

2. We’re home to the World of Motorcycles Museum at Kersting’s Cycle Center, dubbed by Rider magazine “one of the best bike museums in the Midwest”. 

3. We have a dirt racecar track, a motocross track, and a primate “retirement center” all within seven miles of Kersting’s — and none of the four are even in one of our towns. We get wild in the country! 

With multiple bed-and-breakfasts, there’s plenty of charm to enjoy when you take advantage of our river, DNR properties, multimodal rail trail, and everything else we offer in Pulaski County: our paradise on the Tippecanoe. 

We say ‘Pulask-eye’ instead of ‘Pulask-ee’ because it’s where we want to be — and you should, too.  

It’s the Simple Things: we live it; you’ll love. We can’t wait to welcome you, even if you’re from Upstate New York. 

For more information visit: simplypulaski.com