Pulaski County: Come for the Fireworks, Stay for the Farm Equipment


What do a suspension bridge on wheels, old-school tractors, and vintage cars have in common? They’ll all be on display somewhere in Pulaski County this summer.

The almost paradisiacal Winamac Town Park is surrounded on three sides by the Tippecanoe River; technically, there’s a west annex to the park connected to the rest of it by the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Swinging Bridge, a century-old pedestrian structure built across the river in the wake of the First World War to honor Pulaski Countians who served their country. 

As part of the effort to repair the bridge and to illuminate it to celebrate its centennial, a group of dedicated volunteers refurbished a scaled-down, mobile version of the bridge. And, among other places, you can check it out for yourself and learn more about the bridge project in Medaryville this summer at the American Legion Post 96’s Freedom Fest on Sunday, 3 July. Featuring vendors, games, a petting zoo, fireworks, and a corn hole tournament (like any proper Midwesterner gathering!), Freedom Fest will celebrate America, potentially blow up a small part of it, and provide a fun-filled afternoon and evening for the whole family.

Or, if freedom isn’t your thing (Hey, commies infiltrated Indiana under a mall in the 1980s, right?!), maybe the annual Northern Indiana Power from the Past power show is. Held over the third weekend in July in the aforementioned Winamac Town Park, the celebration of farming and power equipment, history, and family draws vendors, tractor owners, and attendees from all across Indiana and the Midwest. This year, they’ll highlight John Deere and host a cruise-in for pre-1972 cars as well as live music, a flea market and food vendors, and so much more — plus you can check out Winamac’s town-wide yard sales on Saturday. 

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