Monticello, Life with a Splash!

  • Take in the serene views of Lake Shafer while kayaking or canoeing along the banks.
  • Spend a fun-filled day at Indiana Beach Amusement Park located on the beautiful Lake Shafer
  • Enjoy a relaxing dinner cruise aboard the Madam Carroll, the largest licensed U.S Coast Guard approval vessel in Indiana
  • Sip and savor at White Horse Winery

A popular tourist destination in north-central Indiana, Monticello is home to Indiana Beach Amusement Park and the beautiful Lake Shafer and Lake Freeman.

Back in the 1920’s, Lake Shafer, one of the two reservoirs located in the Twin Lakes area of Monticello, was created along with Lake Freeman when two dams were created outside of Monticello on the Tippecanoe River. Today, this one of a kind tourist destination brings in an estimated $70 million in Tourism Revenue for White County.

Enjoy the waterfront views on Lake Shafer while staying at one the many rental cottages across the lake. Among these properties is the exquisite Lighthouse Lodge B&B. With its cozy and beach-like ambiance, this vacation destination is the perfect place to stay for visitors!

Take a trip down to Lake Freeman, and aboard the Madam Carroll, the largest licensed United States Coast Guard approval vessel in Indiana! Holding up to 500 passengers, the Madam Carroll is a unique venue for any event and also a great option for a Summertime Dinner Cruise!

For family fun and entertainment, Indiana Beach Amusement Park is a must see tourist attraction you can’t miss! The Spackman family (original founders) vision has driven this resort to grow from a swimming area in a cornfield to the largest Amusement Resort and Vacation Playground in Indiana. Indiana Beach prides itself on their humble beginnings and classic facility and attractions.

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