Make this Summer UnFURgettable at the Mascot Hall of Fame


Situated in the northwest corner of Indiana, the city of Whiting is home to one of the most unique children’s museums that you will ever find. 

The Mascot Hall of Fame is not only a fully interactive children’s museum, it also honors the world of mascots. Mascots are silly, wild, comical ambassadors of sports that radiate happiness and positivity everywhere they go.  The Mascot Hall of Fame brings those feelings to life.

Visit the Science of Silliness lab to learn the science behind being a mascot. Join Reggy for a fun workout routine! Try on a weighted vest to see how much harder it is to work out as a mascot! Push buttons and pull levers to fuel the Marvelous Mascot Maker! Discover how your favorite mascots are made, right before your eyes! There are dozens of hands on exhibits that will have you learning what it takes to be a mascot!

Instead of statues, the Mascot hall of Fame has 6-foot wide mascot head balloons. Photo: City of Whiting

Check out the Department of Phuzzical Education! Play baseball, basketball, soccer, football, and hockey. Climb into the jungle gym and challenge yourself to make it to the slide. You can play against your friend at the T-Shirt Shooter Challenge, or just enjoy sitting in the Parent’s Penalty Box with a tasty adult beverage. 

The Department of Furry Arts will bring out your creative side! Costume up and audition to be a mascot or check out the Marvelous Mascot Maker that will turn you into any mascot that you can think up. 

You never know what mascot might be visiting the museum! Visit for a full schedule of programs and events and like us on social media! The first Friday of every month is FreeDay FriYay! Sponsored by Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, admission is free for everyone!