Huber’s Starlight Distillery

Spirits of Indiana—The Huber family is making a splash in the Craft Distillery Industry 

Owners: Greg and Ted Huber

Established: 2001

Products: Applejack, Vodka, Gins, Rums, Bourbon Whiskeys, Rock & Rye, and Brandies

Tours: Distillery tours offered daily. Call to schedule a tour!


Starlight Distillery was established in 2001, with brandy distilling. It was a thoughtful decision to produce spirits in the Huber family ¬winery, established in the 1970s.


The law allowing distilleries to produce grain-based, in addition to fruit-based, spirits went into effect in Indiana in 2014. The new building addition and distilling equipment were constructed and Starlight began producing grain spirits in 2014. The first full year of production, 2015, included bourbon, malt and rye whiskies, in addition to rum and vodka. The initial releases of bourbon were distilled on a Christian Carl, 80-gallon pot, brandy still.

Outside of brandies and gins, Starlight spirits are now distilled on a 500-gallon Vendome pot.

The distillery is located in the knobs of Southern Indiana, just a short drive over the Ohio River from Louisville. It sits in the middle of 650+ acres of fruit trees, vineyards, pumpkin patches, strawberries, bramble fruits and vegetables.

Whiskey corn is grown on the property, including non GMO heirloom varietals, a red, white and blue.

Huber’s Starlight Distillery
19816 Huber Rd. Borden, IN 47106