Hopwood Cellars Winery has been producing superior Wines since 1994


Ron Hopwood, owner and Winemaker for Hopwood Cellars Winery, has been producing superior wines since 1994. A trade he works to perfect, he continues to bring only the finest award-winning wines to the customer.

When Hopwood Cellars Winery opened its doors on June 5, 2012 in Zionsville Indiana, it was quickly noticed by the consumer that these wines were not average, but superior wines. Ron, with his wife Janet have now expanded into making premium spirits.  

Janet Hopwood, owner and distiller for William Rose Distillery, has started producing only the best Whiskeys and Bourbons and it is her goal to make premium spirits, for only the finest of tasters. The name of, William Rose, came from both the middle names of Ron and her daughter Sayge. William Rose Distillery relies heavily on the principle of family and is produced in their 1840 barn. These distilled products were born with the rugged delicacy of an old oak barn.

Are you inspired by a shared passion?  Hopwood Cellars Winery and William Rose Distillery is located in the the beautiful heart of downtown Zionsville. Visit today! 

12 E Cedar St. Zionsville, IN  46077