Have you ever been to a place and felt instantly at home? That’s us.


Each day opens in front of you, filled with possibility. It’s the magic of life along the Heritage Trail, connecting Elkhart County’s cities and towns. The Heritage Trail audio driving tour is your guide and companion, and every mile tells a story. 

Elkhart County is a place where quality craftsmanship, innovation and collaboration results in a well crafted life. Our cities crackle with an energy, whether it’s work or play. Sometimes you’ll want to stop and catch your breath. You can do that here too.

We’re big believers in quality, craftsmanship and doing things the right way. Handmade and handcrafted isn’t just a buzzword here.

The Amish have made their home here. Their artisans make showpieces out of things we use every day, from chairs and furniture to quilts and rugs. Even meals are works of art with recipes handed down from generation to generation on noodles, chicken, pie and more. 


It’s always best to experience Amish Country up close and personal. The welcome mat is always out at Dutch Country Market, Teaberry Wood Products and Coppes Commons. More than anything, it’s the people you meet and their stories that will define your time here.

Our city streets are lined with the history of boom times, when industrialists and inventors helped fuel the growth of America with musical instruments, pharmaceuticals, kitchen cabinets and recreational vehicles. Their fortunes built the downtowns and stately neighborhoods surrounding them. The story of Elkhart County is told through the people and places along the Heritage Trail and the innovations that make this place well crafted. 

The older factories and office buildings of one-time giants are tough, gritty survivors that buzz with an energetic entrepreneurial spirit. It’s in these re-invented places that you’ll discover a proud community of makers. Local bartenders mix hand-crafted cocktails and craft brewers concoct heady hops in these spaces. Potters and artist studios, rug weavers, and museums call these places home. 

We do love our festivals, because we love fun as part of everyday life, and we want everyday life to feel special. Wakarusa kicks it off every year with the Maple Syrup Festival, but then it gets hard to choose, there’s so much to do.

Das Essenhaus

The beauty of it all is it never feels rushed. Stop and smell the flowers. That’s exactly what the Quilt Gardens are all about, and it brings the whole county together. The colorful patchwork of quilt-inspired gardens in six cities and towns along the Heritage Trail delivers dazzling views and magnificent photo ops, #QuiltGardens

No matter where your journey takes you along the Heritage Trail, there’s always more for you to discover and more memories for you to create. We’ll be here, and we’ll always have a place for you.

For more information visit: VisitElkhartCounty.com/IN