Goat Milk Stuff

Kid Focused » Jim and PJ Jonas grow their goat milk business with kids in mind 

Owners: Jim and PJ Jonas

Established: January 2009

Products: Complete line of bath and body products, laundry detergent, commercial food products include goat cheeses, gelato and milk as well as goat milk fudge, caramels, and cajeta. We also bake goat milk based cookies and sourdough breads.

Future Plans: “As the Lord wills, our plans include expanding our popular farm tours and the other ways visitors can experience all that we do and produce here at Goat Milk Stuff.”

Website: GoatMilkStuff.com 


Jim and PJ Jonas, along with their eight children, invite you to visit them at their farm in Scottsburg, just off I-65, two hours south of Indianapolis and 30 minutes north of Louisville. With 67 goats to milk twice daily, home-schooled children and a fast-growing business, the family personifies the company tag line: Work Hard. Get Dirty. Use Good Soap.

Working hard and getting dirty has led the Jonas family to clean up in the soap-making business. An early key to their growth came with samples given out at craft shows. Early sales were driven by customers who claimed the goat milk soap healed eczema. Word began to spread.

The business relies on social media to market the farm, with on-line sales in all 50 states and abroad. Group tours and retail sales move them into the future. The introduction of food items is paving the way.


Tours let visitors see the goats, show how food is made and educate on sustainable, natural farming practices. As the farm evolves and the business grows, the kids — human ones, that is — are key to success. PJ says her children are involved at every level of the business and their schooling is integrated into their work. “We’ve raised them all to be thinkers and leaders.”

Goat Milk Stuff
76 S. Lake Road N. Scottsburg IN 47170