Cline Avenue Bridge, the Gateway of Lake County

To understand the significance of the new Cline Avenue Bridge, it helps to know some history about its predecessor. Completed in 1982, the original Cline Avenue Bridge provided efficient access to Northwest Indiana’s industrial and recreational destinations until it closed in 2009. As part of SR 912, the bridge connected to one of the most traveled highways in the country, the stretch of Interstate 80/94 known as the Borman Expressway. Those who traveled the original bridge relied it as a more direct route to Chicago and Northwest Indiana than the Borman.

With the Cline Avenue Bridge out of service, traffic was forced onto local streets, accelerating street wear and increasing travel times in surrounding communities. The need for a new bridge was apparent, however government funding for the project was unavailable.

Flash forward to present day: the private infrastructure company United Bridge Partners rebuilt the new Cline Avenue Bridge, renewing a critical transportation link and providing reliable and efficient access to the region’s many attractions. 


The new Cline Avenue Bridge opened on December 23, 2020 after over two years of construction. The new route provides faster access to casinos along the Lake Michigan shoreline, area golf courses, entertainment venues, renowned breweries and wineries, the Indiana Dunes National Park, and the Gary/Chicago International Airport while paving the way for future developments. 

When traffic is heavy on the Borman, this alternative can save drivers 30 minutes and over ten miles if traveling from East Chicago’s lakefront to downtown Chicago. 

The Cline Avenue Bridge is more than just bridge – it is a shortcut to the moments that matter. For a limited time, you can take advantage of the opening promotion and travel for free in the month of January. For more information, visit