Fall Fun in Pulaski County


Warm-weather months are when we do tourism best in Pulaski County, but when we say, “We live it; you’ll love it”, we mean it the whole year ‘round.

Mid-September — 17 through 19, specifically — brings about the world-famous (or, at least, regionally beloved) Francesville Fall Festival, a three-day weekend of entertainment, food, family fun, and more in downtown Francesville. You’ll find typical festival booths and junk food, plus a number of fundraiser meals, fireworks, an auto show, and much more. Plus chicken bingo. We’ll let you look that one up for yourself.

Deeper into the fall, the migrating sandhill cranes return on their way south. Yeah, we know, it sounds crazy, but the sheer quantity of these birds is magnificent to behold. And they really are cool to observe. While you’re at it, you can check out what else Jasper-Pulaski Fish & Wildlife Area offers, or you can visit on 9 October with your bike and participate in the 23rd annual Medaryville Crane Cruise, with rides ranging from 14 miles to 50.

Whether you pick the Crane Cruise or the Panhandle Pathway, find one of the last warm days for a float down the river, or opt for a hike through the Tippecanoe River State Park, Pulaski County offers multiple ways to relish the fall foliage. You might even just lazily wander our county roads in search of the perfect leaf. Watch out for farmers harvesting, please!

In early December, downtown Winamac hosts the Chamber of Commerce’s Winter Wonderland, giving you a chance to mingle, to watch Santa Claus roll into town during the parade, and to find all sorts of unique Christmas gifts offered by the myriad vendors, while the village of Pulaski hosts an amazing set of outdoor Christmas decorations that you don’t want to miss. Sometimes, there are more cars in line than there are parked in the community.

In Pulaski County, we live it; you’ll love — no matter rain or shine or snow.

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