Destination Engagement

Exit 76 Antique Mall Helps Make Dreams Come True

Exit 76 Antique Mall, just off i-65 in Edinburgh, is known as a “collector’s dream”…but recently it was a “dream come true” for Stephen Yoskowitz and Maria Elena Aliberti, a couple from Chicago who became engaged right in the middle of the mall in the aisle near Case 108.

Nic Nicoson, general manager of Exit 76, worked in secret with Stephen to help plan the perfect proposal. “The couple collects looney Tunes glasses, and they love Exit 76, not only for their success in finding lots of these glasses here, but also because our store is so friendly and clean” says Nic.

Nic helped pull off the secret plan by placing the engagement ring in a “Mighty Mouse” glass, considered to be highly collectible, and locking it in the case with other Looney Tunes glasses. Because of its value, Maria Elena spotted the glass immediately in the case, and when Nic pulled it out to show them, Stephen got on one knee, pulled out the ring, and proposed. She said “yes” and they’re now planning their 2018 wedding.

Stephen and Maria Elena have collected more than 700 Pepsi Looney Tunes glasses together; in fact, right after the engagement, they found 23 more glasses to buy at Exit 76 Antique Mall.

Conveniently located on I-65 at the 76B exit (12595 N. Executive Drive) in Edinburgh, Indiana, the Exit 76 Antique Mall is a great place to browse and shop for those unusual and hard-to-find items or unique gifts. It features 600 booths and lighted cases, full of everything from antiques and collectible to modern artisan creations.

It is truly a collector’s dream!