Defy the cold and the drear, get out of the house—get out of the here and now— and visit Chesterton, Indiana


Enjoy a thrill of nostalgia in Chesterton, Indiana, the kind of vintage downtown you don’t much see anymore: warm brick buildings dating to the turn of the last century, specialty shops offering the unusual to the discerning, cafes serving casual fine as well as comfort food, and a park as charming as it is old where generations have pulled up a bench to sit a spell. All within easy walking distance, with no shortage of convenient parking.

Time has been kind to Chesterton, its memory is long, and the bygone seems almost near enough to touch. Perhaps that’s why it’s a grand place to go antiquing. ISO Unique, Yesterday’s Treasures, Three Wicked Apples, Green Garage, Russ & Barb’s Antiques, and Kathy’s Antique Shop purvey an extravagance of curated curiosities, blasts from the past, oddities and objets d’art, bijoux and baubles, and the one-of-a-kind finds you didn’t know you wanted because you didn’t know they existed.

For a connoisseur’s selection of used books, antiquarian volumes, and ephemera, step into O’Gara & Wilson. For fine gifts, apparel, and accessories trending to the unusual, something is likely to strike your fancy in The Flower Cart, Chelle’s Boutique, and Chesterton Toys.

Peckish? Try Peggy Sue’s, in a diner that’s been serving breakfast and lunch for more than half a century; or else Lucrezia Cafe or Ivy’s Bohemia House, bistros as snug and cozy as the old Chesterton homes they used to be.

Come to Chesterton—we’re probably just down the road from you—but plan on making a day of it. Or the night. You may get lost in time.

Plan your visit today: