Cline Avenue Bridge makes travel easier in Northwest Indiana


The Gateway of Lake County

Residents and travelers have been looking forward to the opening of the new Cline Bridge in Northwest Indiana. As the Gateway of Lake County, its opening marks an easier way to connect the towns and destinations throughout the area.

Indiana Dunes PHOTO: Tourism

To understand the significance of the new Cline Avenue Bridge, it helps to know a little history about its predecessor. Completed in 1982, the original Cline Avenue Bridge provided efficient access to Northwest Indiana’s many industrial and recreational destinations until it closed in 2009. As part of SR 912, the bridge connected to one of the most traveled highways in the country, the stretch of Interstate 80/94 known as the Borman Expressway. Those who traveled the original Cline Avenue Bridge came to rely on it as a more direct route to Chicago and Northwest Indiana than the Borman. With the Cline Avenue Bridge out of service, traffic was forced onto local streets, accelerating street wear and increasing travel times in the surrounding communities. The need for a new bridge was apparent, however government funding for the project was unavailable.

Fenwick Farms

Flash forward to present day: the new Cline Avenue Bridge has been rebuilt by the private infrastructure company United Bridge Partners, renewing a critical transportation link and providing reliable and efficient access to the region’s many attractions. These include casinos along the Lake Michigan shoreline, area golf courses, entertainment venues, renowned breweries and wineries, and the Indiana Dunes National Park just to name a few. When traffic is heavy on the Borman, this shortcut could save travelers up to 30 minutes and shave off over ten miles if traveling from East Chicago’s lakefront to downtown Chicago.

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One of the area’s most popular attractions, the Indiana Dunes National Park, is an outdoor adventure. Visitors can hike the majestic sand dunes, dip their toes in Lake Michigan, or cycle miles of trails. You can spot more than 350 bird species or one of the thousands of native flowers this spring, and enjoy a night under the stars while camping and roasting marshmallows over the fire. If the water calls you, paddle along the rivers, lakes and lagoons or cast your line at one of the many fishing holes.

Northwest Indiana is also home to dozens of breweries and wineries, many of which also offer full menus with thoughtful dishes for the foodie or the pickiest eaters—children. Sip on handcrafted wines, ciders or meads with locally-sourced ingredients, or take a flight at one of their many breweries.

During your stay, visit the South Shore’s charming downtowns where you can enjoy a fresh-brewed coffee, a quick bite to eat, and browse stores for boutique clothing and everything from artworks and jewelry to home décor.

Check out to see some of the other can’t-miss stops in the South Shore like Albanese Confectionery for sweet treats, a trip to a modern-day dairy farm, a peaceful walk at the Shrine of Christ’s Passion, or exploration at Gabis Arboretum.

Not only is Northwest Indiana a great place to visit, it is a wonderful place to call home. Low taxes, affordable housing, beautiful parks, excellent schools, easy access to healthcare, and being within close proximity to Chicago are only a few of the many advantages residents benefit from.

You can enjoy suburban life while still having access to the amenities of a major city.

With all this to offer, it’s no surprise the local housing market is thriving.
The region offers housing options to meet any lifestyle, budget, and household size; options include apartments, townhomes, mobile homes, condominiums, and single-family homes in a wide range of sizes and prices. The Greater Northwest Indiana Association of REALTORS® represents more than 2,500 REALTOR® members. If you are in the market, contact a local REALTOR® through to help you find your perfect home.