Carmel Brews & Barrels Trail


Carmel launches new ‘Brews & Barrels Trail’ to celebrate local craft breweries, wineries and distilleries

 With an impressive and growing list of more than a dozen independent craft breweries, wineries and distilleries, the City of Carmel is launching a new “Brews & Barrels Trail” to help visitors and residents find unique and crafty takes on their favorite adult beverages. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and crowd restrictions, the Trail will be launched over two weekends – September 19-20 and October 24-25. Adults 21 and over are encouraged to visit one or more of the establishments on the trail to learn more about each of them and have a chance at winning prizes.

From Sun King Spirits to Danny Boy Beer Works, Peace Water Winery to Sugar Creek Winery, there are currently 13 establishments in Carmel’s 50 square miles that create craft beers, distilled spirits or their own wines. While there are many more fine pubs and restaurants serving great adult beverages, only those who actually create their own products are included on the Trail. With more establishments likely to come, the Trail may expand in the future.

“We have always celebrated the artistic gifts of our residents and businesses in Carmel, whether that is through events such as our International Arts Festival, Art of Wine or the Carmel Caffeine Trail,” said Nancy Heck, Director of Community Relations and Economic Development. “We have seen the popularity of craft beers, wines and spirits grow tremendously throughout the City, particularly in our entertainment districts. It is natural that we create this new ‘Brews & Barrels Trail’ for visitors to follows as they experience Carmel and all that we have to offer.”

In addition to spreading the launch of the Trail over two weekends, the City of Carmel is taking precautions against the dangers of drinking and driving. The City urges the use of designated drivers whenever possible and is working with Uber on a deal to supplement the cost of a ride home if that becomes necessary.

Participating vendors on the Brews & Barrels Trail include: Deviate Brewing, Danny Boy Beer Works, Sahm’s Alehouse at the Village of West Clay, Upland Brewing Company, Sugar Creek Winery, Bier Brewery North, Peace Water Winery, Sun King Spirits, Fork + Ale House, Union Brewing Company, Books & Brews, Flix Brewhouse and Big Lug on the Prairie.

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