Boutique Hotels Coined the 2021 Staycation Hot Spot!


For many, being isolated in 2020 through 2021, travelers have been anxiously yearning to get away. Because of the pandemic’s global impact, travelers are shifting from passports to localized areas in search of intimate hospitality experiences that cater to their individual needs.

Attractive Qualities

The key term travelers are searching for is quality. The boutique hotel industry became notable in the 1980s and has become increasingly popular over the years. Boutique products and services are more attractive than their mundane, streamline counterparts because designers take to heart and focus on developing custom and memorable experiences. While boutique hotels generally fall on the smaller side (anywhere from a few to 100 rooms), they possess a great deal of character and personality.

Top-of-the-Line Customer Care 

Given a boutique hotel’s smaller size, you can expect more of an intimate hospitality experience with personalized service. Once you become a repeat guest, you’re likely to notice staff members asking if you’d like to stay in your favorite room, recalling your children by name, or finding your favorite breakfast items in the dining room. They take the time to get to know you. You’re far more than just another room key; at a boutique hotel, thoughtfulness counts.

Admire Luxurious High-End Design 

Boutique hotels possess a great deal of character and typically have a unique theme. Needless to say, details are intentional, and they matter. From elegantly designed doorknobs to elaborate lighting, a play on colors to pleasant scents, perfectly folded towels to stylish comforters on the beds – everything works together to curate a one-of-a-kind experience that leaves travelers with memorable memories. Once travelers experience the wonder of the boutique lifestyle, it’s difficult to imagine anything outside of it.

Embrace Local Flair 

Fully experiencing a location is a top favorite for any traveler. From the interior walls of the boutique hotel to the connecting streets of the vibrant area, each place has a unique story to share. Boutiques are generally found in prime locations in prominent cities, and they embrace their local flair. Travelers who take time to learn what makes their destination special will have a greater appreciation for the boutique hotel and area. Furthermore, they will notice more details, especially ones that may be significant.

Enjoy Artisan Foods 

Amongst any boutique hotel experience, travelers are likely to discover superb artisan food along the way. The establishment may offer homemade meals and snacks directly from their kitchen or offer access to a top-notch restaurant under their roof. For those venturing into town, it’s safe to bet that the staff knows the best places for a highly satisfying meal.

Unwind with a Staycation

Many have discovered that a local staycation is what they need to escape the day-to-day activities of limited ventures outside the home with individuals working more remotely. The importance of self-care and sanity is becoming the ultimate focus, including rediscovering thyself. So, trying new and exciting things is at the top of the list. The great thing is that many don’t have to travel far to find these unique experiences to unwind.


A Boutique in a University Hometown

For a unique destination that embraces the boutique ambiance in the heart of downtown Bloomington, home to Indiana University, the Grant Street Inn is top of mind. Like all romances, the inn’s story begins with love. Out of the five buildings that make up the inn, the group’s star is The Zeigler House. William Rogers built The Zeigler House as a gift for his lovely bride, Belle. William was a prominent Bloomington attorney who later became the dean of Indiana University and Cincinnati University law schools. 

Subsequent owners of the home included William Graham, builder of the Graham Hotel. The hotel was known for attracting Hollywood stars and highly influential business owners to the downtown square. Then, there was William N. Showers, owner of Showers Brothers Furniture Factory, named the largest in the world by the 1920s. These individuals were highly influential community leaders who helped shape the landscape of Bloomington. Today, the inn is still significant because of The Ziegler House’s historical ties to the community.


The inn offers 40 eye-catching, luxurious rooms ranging in style from victorian-chic to modern old-world elegance. The buildings, including the rooms, are one-of-a-kind. So, choosing just one room to relax in your favorite loungewear may be challenging! Once at the inn, travelers can expect a freshly prepared homemade breakfast. In the afternoon, snacks along with a cup of coffee or tea can be enjoyed on one of the deck’s rocking chairs. A perfect place to watch the birds and butterflies as they mingle through the lush and colorful landscape.  


The university town bursts with life during the school year, while the summer presents a calmer vibe that is still lively. Indiana University is known for having one of the prettiest campuses in the nation. It’s filled with an abundance of beautifully landscaped walking trails, statues, and historical buildings over a hundred years old.   


The culinary scene boasts over 100 independent and locally-owned restaurants in the downtown vicinity alone. For international cuisine, 4th street offers an entire strip dedicated to unique flavors spanning 18 countries! Bloomington has been named one of the “Top 5 Food Towns in the Midwest” by Midwest Living Magazine and the “7th fastest growing destination for wine and culinary enthusiasts in the nation” by Orbitz Research Travel. The town is also home to the state’s largest and oldest winery, Oliver Winery, including seven local breweries, a meadery, cidery, and distillery.


Make it a Road Trip

For travelers looking for a scenery change, this is the year to map out an adventure and hit the road with your favorite tunes. There’s never been a better time to explore more of the nation’s finest.

Traveling to Bloomington from:

Indianapolis, IN – 1 hour       
Louisville, KY – 1 hour; 50 minutes
Cincinnati, OH – 2 hours; 25 minutes
Lexington, KY – 3 hours
Columbus, OH – 3 hours; 45 minutes
St. Louis, MO – 3 hours; 45 minutes
Chicago, IL – 4 hours
Nashville, TN – 4 hours; 8 minutes
Grand Rapids, MI – 5 hours; 10 minutes
Detroit, MI – 5 hours; 30 minutes

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