Bear Wallow Distillery —Handcrafted with care

Handcrafted spirits in small batches using locally grown ingredients.

Owners: Susan Spagnuolo, Head Distiller—Adam Spagnuolo

Established: 2014

Tours & Tastings: Learn the history during Distillery (Farm to Fifth) tours offered daily and typically range from 30 to 40 minutes. Tasting flights and Moonshine Shake-up cocktails are offered in the distillery’s Brown County Cabin Tasting Room.



When corn is the star ingredient of your product, it’s nearly impossible to find a more suitable setting and location for your business than Indiana. Bear Wallow Distillery, located in Gnaw Bone, was one of the first craft distilleries in Indiana. Using only locally grown grains, the distillery makes all its unique spirits in an old- fashioned copper pot still. Bear Wallow offers tours, tastings, and special events. Each featured spirit is handcrafted in small batches, using locally grown ingredients from area farms.

Bear Wallow also offers Bourbon Experience Classes, during which participants learn the history of bourbon, see how it’s made and sample different styles, some right out of the distillery’s aging barrels. Participants also have the option to hand wax dip their very own bottle of Gnaw Bone Bourbon.

Don’t miss their special events “In the Still of the Night,” ranging from corporate meetings and team building to bachelor/ bachelorette parties. The staff is also excited to help customers interested in custom private and special events.



>  Hoosier Hooch™ Corn Whiskey Moonshine

>  Hoosier Hooch™ Flavored Corn Whiskey     Moonshine

>  Hidden Holler Corn Whiskey Moonshine

>  Bear Trap Barrel Strength White Whiskey

>  Liar’s Bench Rye Whiskey

> Gnaw Bone Bourbon Whiskey

> Wolf Creek Four Grain Whiskey

Bear Wallow Distillery 
4484 E. Old State Road 46 Gnaw Bone, IN 47448