Indiana Cavern’s Bat Chaser


Indiana Cavern’s Bat Chaser combines ziplining and free falling in a family-friendly experience. Our suspended, single rail zip coaster soars past tree tops and over the sinkhole plain of southern Indiana’s cave country. The thrill is somewhat like hang gliding.

The Bat Chaser is only the second ride of its kind to be built in the United States and the first in the Midwest. All riders are fitted with a full body harness. After a safety check, riders take off from atop a 50-foot tower overlooking Indiana Caverns and then twist and turn 603 feet through a grove of large trees ending up back near the base of their original starting point.

Visitors can also take The Plunge, a 50-foot freefall.

1267 Green Acres Dr. SW
Corydon, Indiana 47112
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