South Central Indiana Antique Destinations


Housed in the historic Tom Taylor building, the Bloomington Antique Mall was completely restored in 1987 by CFC Inc., with special attention to historic detail. It is a spacious, open-plan 24,000-square-foot brick building with original hardwood floors and excellent natural lighting through the large windows that line each side and completely ADA compliant. A wheelchair and shopping carts are available inside the mall for customer use. Bloomington Antique Mall shopping is an inexpensive and creative way to find the perfect gift and often leads to incredible discoveries one won’t find at any department store. “Quality antiques aren’t dusty forgotten objects. They are unique products with character and quality that you can’t find anywhere else,” owner Denise Pence says.

According to Pence, one of the joys of giving antiques as gifts are the personal touches they often include, especially if the piece is repurposed or restored. “The phrase ‘repurpose, restore, recycle’ takes on a special meaning,” Denise says, “when you use an antique item as a raw material to make something of your very own.” What was once an everyday object from some bygone era can be transformed into something out of the ordinary.

The Bloomington Antique Mall consists of three floors of a historic building located in downtown Bloomington, in one of Indiana’s most vibrant historical districts, it is ideally placed next to the B-Line Trail (a “Rails-To-Trails” initiative that encourages visitors to enjoy Bloomington in a more thorough and leisurely fashion) and is directly across the road from the Community Farmer’s Market.


If you go:

Bloomington Antique Mall
311 W 7th St
Bloomington, IN
(812) 323-7676

Second Street Antique Mall
222 W 2nd St
Bloomington, IN
(812) 332-3222

The Garret Antiques
403 W Kirkwood Ave
Bloomington, IN
(812) 339-4175

Westbury Antique Market
3106 Canterbury Ct
Bloomington, IN
(812) 333-7601

5350 S Old State Rd 37
Bloomington, IN
(812) 824-8254

Vintage Wearhouse
401 E 4th St
Bloomington, IN
(812) 333-2405

The Warehouse
426 S College Ave
Bloomington, IN
(812) 337-4545