Come to Daviess County Indiana for a Two Day Staycation

Daviess county has a lot to offer. There are hundreds of shops out in the Amish Settlement. Quaint shops on Main Street. Great Restaurants that offer just about anything you could possibly want. The citizens of Washington Indiana and surrounding towns are very welcoming to visitors. If you plan ahead, you can even take an Amish Tour and have a meal with an Amish Family at their home.

Day 1: Daviess County, Indiana – One of the top ten largest Amish settlements in the US

A visit to Daviess County Amish Country is a special experience. You can take a guided tour through the rural landscapes, shop for handmade quilts, crafts and furniture, share the road with a clip-clopping horse and buggy, attend the weekly Friday night auction, and settle in for a delicious family-style Amish dinner.

Nearly 800 Old Order Amish families live in Daviess County. They welcome guests to the area but all Amish businesses are closed on Sundays.

During your visit, please be considerate of your Amish hosts.

Follow these courtesy rules:


Do not take photos or videos. Respect the Amish families’ privacy. Do not approach private property without permission. When driving, provide Amish buggies plenty of room, do not use the horn, and keep headlights on low. Do not feed or pet horses that are tied to a hitching rail or harnessed to a buggy. Do not approach the Amish unless they appear open to company. To learn more about the Amish culture, visit an Amish-owned business and talk with the owners or employees.

Day 2: Visit Downtown Main Street and around our City

There are numerous shops on Main street to visit along with our Museum. You can stop in Cherry Ghost Coffee House , then go shop in the clothing shops, or visit Lemon Tree Décor and see all their beautiful creations they sell. You can stop in our newly renovated Museum, and see the history that has been preserved. Stop in The New White Steamer for a tasty breakfast or lunch, it is the gathering place on Main Street.

Then you can venture out to Cherry Tree Plaza off of National Highway and take a stroll thru Traderbakers. They have a little bit of everything. Eastside Park is a beautiful place to relax. There is fishing, paddle boating (in season) and a newly renovated Playground. The concession stand is open most every day and have some of the best tenderloins in town. You can head south of town and see the Beautiful Round Barn.

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