Serving the Great State of Indiana for 55 Years!

Arni Cohen opened the doors to the flagship restaurant in 1965 at Market Square Shopping Center in Lafayette. Originally seating a little over 100 people, within ten years Arni’s at Market Square was one of the largest restaurants in Indiana.

The company is now owned by Arni’s two sons, Brad and Kurt Cohen. Brad describes his father as a “living legend” – “he was so great with people,” Brad says, explaining that growing up at Arni’s meant never meeting a stranger.

Arni had a philosophy: Serve good food at a reasonable price, by employees that treat customers with respect. In return, your business will succeed. Even more important was his approach to the community. He believed that if Arni’s took care of the community, the community will in turn take care of you. This philosophy has been a pretty successful one that has helped Arni’s become one of Indiana’s community restaurants and grow to 18 locations. “I learned so much about human nature, being kind and caring,” Kurt adds, “We are very proud to be associated with a restaurant that has such a positive image in our communities.”

Now, for over a decade, Arni’s has been serving fresh and delicious food with a friendly smile. When you come to Arni’s you’re getting more than just a good meal, you’re experiencing one of Indiana’s finest restaurant traditions. Family and friends all gather here to experience the feel-good environment, great service and the one-of-kind thin crust pizza.

To have one of Indiana’s finest traditions shipped straight to your door, regardless of your location, visit 18 locations throughout Indiana including: six
in Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indianapolis, Greenwood, Columbus, Monticello, Rossville, Lebanon, Frankfort, Crawfordsville, Rensselaer, Pine Village, Floyds Knobs and New Albany. Arni’s also owns and operates its own distribution company, Linarco Distributing, which supplies food products and supplies to its own restaurants.