Little Library on the Prairie Pioneer Festival

Imagine a time removed from social media, commutes and schedules – a time in which your dreams of adventure and land of your own were only limited by your ambition and ingenuity. Imagine a time in which most everything you owned and most everything you ate came from the work of your own hands, or from someone you knew.
There were no shopping centers and grocery stores with refrigerated items from across the country or the world. Imagine rising early and working hard in the fields or in the home preparing the meals, mending the clothing, sewing quilts and raising children. Imagine working with your friends and family to build your home and your livelihood. Life on the prairie wasn’t a life of convenience, but it was a life defined by the pioneer spirit, that willingness to endure hardships in order to explore new lands and discover a new life for yourself and for your family.

Travel with us back in time to the 1800s to experience life on the Indiana prairie at our Little Library on the Prairie Pioneer Festival on June 8 at the Johnson County Public Library – Trafalgar Branch. Enjoy traditional crafts, games and live entertainment. Marvel at the skills of the blacksmith. Visit with quilters to discover the beauty and skill in each stitch. Try your hand at pioneer chores. Watch the judges preside over the pie-making contest. Listen as Jennifer Campbell shares the triumphs and challenges of farming in Johnson County. Take a dancing lesson from Old Time County Dance.

Experience the beauty of the prairie as Indiana Department of Natural Resources biologists lead us on a guided tour of the prairie and take a moment to get up close and personal with the native animals from Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators. Join us as we create a prairie experience for all ages this summer.

For a full schedule of events including a special performance by the Freetown Village Singers, visit