Lakeside Dining in Monticello

Sportsman Inn from Lake

In the greater Monticello area, you can experience dining from a unique, lakeside perspective. You have the choice of four destination restaurants; Oakdale Bar & Grill, The Sportsman Inn, Indiana Beach Skyroom, and Riverside Restaurant & Lounge. Each dining venue offers mouth-watering entrees. Find out more on our website,

Oakdale Peoploe

Located next to the Oakdale Dam on the south side of Lake Freeman in Monticello, the Oakdale Bar & Grill is host to the “best catfish by a dam site”. An extended outdoor patio will welcome conversation, community, and cold beer.

Built originally as a country club, The Sportsman Inn has welcomed tourists since 1928! With boat access available for lake enthusiasts, the entire dining experience will energize your summer day! Also, be sure to catch live music on the patio every Thursday evening during the summer!

Riverside Entree

The Indiana Beach Skyroom offers a dining experience unlike any other. Their large window feature allows guests to overlook the north end of Indiana Beach’s boardwalk and beautiful Lake Shafer. You can enter The Skyroom free from park admission fees, come enjoy the theme park atmosphere while embracing traditional Indiana dining.

Riverside Restaurant & Lounge, located on the Tippecanoe River, offers a desirable ambiance for any event, anniversary, birthday, or celebration. You will enjoy the quietness of the river while dining on the porch. Along with a full menu of savory entrees, chef specials are unique and made-to-order daily.