Not Just Popcorn » Handmade Popcorn in over 380 flavors

Owner: Carol Buck

Established: 1989

Products: Handmade popcorn in over 380 flavors, gift tins and packages available for ordering online.

Tours: Daily $2 per person, children under 3 free, group tours available.


In May of 1989, Carol Buck started her dream with only 8 flavors of popcorn and now 27 years later, she has over 380 flavors, which makes Carols product unique. She’s added quite a few since then. “When I started the business,” says Buck, “I never dreamed that one day I would have 403 flavors of popcorn plus (be) shipping (the popcorn) worldwide.”


With holidays of all seasons in mind, Not Just Popcorn has a special flavor and color combination for each: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras and more. Party boxes, sampler boxes, special event bags and “Savories” (including jalapeno, wasabi, beer and Vermont white cheddar) are also available. In addition to using Gold Medal corn and supplies, Buck also receives popping corn from the Edinburgh-based Weinantz Farms. And if the menu at Not Just Popcorn appears overwhelming, Buck has some simple advice: “Be sure to stop by the shop and sample.”

She formulated every flavor from scratch and all processes are done by hand (no automation here!). Featured on the Food Network in 2001 the popcorn has gone all over the world. Tours are available for a nominal fee, that take guests through the process of growing, harvesting, popping, coating, packaging and finally becoming popcorn connoisseurs (that means a lot of tasting is going on). Group tours must be scheduled in advance.

Not Just Popcorn 
114 E. Main Cross Street Edinburgh IN 46124